Focus Features to launch ‘Ten Years of Celebrating Pride’


During Pride month, Focus Features is celebrating its 10th anniversary by releasing its unforgettable collection of GLBT films On Demand beginning Friday, June 1.

Newly added to the studio’s already impressive catalogue of GLBT-themed films is Loose Cannons, a romantic comedy about family, business, and coming out. In the film, Tommaso (Riccardo Scamarcio) visits his conservative family in Southern Italy, ready to announce his new plans to be a writer rather than take over the family’s pasta-making business – as well as tell his family that he’s gay. But his older brother, Antonio, beats him to the punch and unexpectedly comes out of the closet first – and literally gives their father a heart attack! Now Tommaso is left with a distraught family and a business to run and is stuck playing the dutiful son – until the unexpected arrival of his boyfriend and their gay friends threatens to upend everything.

Loose Cannons will be available June 1 in the U.S. on iTunes and across all Video-on-Demand (VOD) platforms through Focus World, the unique alternative distribution initiative owned and operated by Focus Features.
In addition to Loose Cannons, the Pride month collection also includes Brokeback MountainFar from HeavenThe Kids Are All RightMilkMy Summer of Love, and Pariah, all of which will be available On Demand throughout June. Additionally, all the selections will be grouped within the Focus Features folder on Xfinity, the nation’s largest cable VOD platform.
For more information and a full listing of Focus Features’ Pride month films, visit