First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville gains forward-thinking pastor


by Martha Barron
Spiritual Writer

Reverend Gail Seavey is the new Pastor of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville, arriving just over three years ago with her husband in Music City from Massachusetts.

Seavey was politically involved in Massachusetts and plans to devote the same amount of energy to helping change the Tennessee Constitution.

“I have been a long time, active supporter of GLBT rights,” she said.

The passion of Seavey’s sincerity rang through as she explained, “I have been performing Holy Unions since the ’80s. There was forward thinking in this denomination even then. We actually started in the ’70s to support GL rights and the BT came later.”

Why the passion for GLBT rights? Seavey noted, “It really does make it easier and more joyful to have legal support for these issues. I saw hearts open in ways that surprised all; even the most loving people love more. It is an important spiritual affirmation. It matters what the world around us is doing.”

When asked why she chose FUU Nashville, Seavey responded, “This church has many wonderful people very serious about their religion but in a joyful way. The ministry here is a shared ministry.”

FUU has officially been a welcoming and affirming church to the GLBT community since 1995 and has about 400 members locally.

Seavey said her objective is to promote and affirm the values of universal love and worthiness more widely.