Find suspense in ‘The Best Defense’


Real life defense attorney Carsen Taite polishes her fifth work of lesbian fiction, The Best Defense, with the realism she daily encounters in her office and in the courts. And that polish is something that makes The Best Defense shine as an excellent read.

Having just turned in her badge and service revolver, now ex-detective Skye Keaton went to the closest lesbian bar and sought to dull the disappointment and tragic turn of events in her career, her life, with the elixir of booze and women.

Looking across the crowded bar room one woman definitely caught her attention. But the expected night with this female didn’t happen as she expected. Not at all.

Hired by a couple of lawyer friends to locate a woman’s missing niece, Skye was shocked to find the enticing woman from the bar, introduced to her as Aimee Howard, in need of her professional  services. Soon she realizes that reality offers a woman not of her imaginings but someone who actually questions her abilities, her skills. What could she have been thinking?

Taite adds a tangible layer of excitement as the two unwittingly find themselves deeper and deeper in their adventure to locate the missing college student. One can feel the emotional, the sexual tension as Taite takes her characters to the very edge of the dividing line between what is professional and what is personal. Back and forth the two go, until they find themselves where they are pushed across the line.

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