Filmmaker Scagliotti launches


Award-winning filmmaker John Scagliotti has launched an on line DVD rental project that will not only be good for viewers, but will also assist the Independent Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Video Filmmakers Consortium with efforts to create original GLBT programming.

"Why waste your DVD rental dollars on frivolous fancy New York City skyscraper offices, ostentatious Hollywood production facilities or those exorbitant corporate executive salaries? Instead join us in efforts to build a true alternative DVD rental site,” Scagliotti urges.

Film genre listings include classics and musicals, bisexual, fabulous drag, family, gay, Halloween, lesbian, straight but not narrow, transgender, worldwide Stonewall comedy, worldwide Stonewall documentary, and worldwide Stonewall narrative. The list of titles include films such as Showboy, Beefcake, Better Than Chocolate, Claire of the Moon, Soldier’s Girl, Transamerica, Cher: The Farewell Tour, Stardust: The Betty Davis Story, Sordid Lives, The Peace Patriots, With God on Our Side, All the Queen’s Men, To Wong Foo and many, many more.

In addition to offering an exciting array of films geared to the GLBT market, is the starting point for entry into connecting with live streaming video from media partner, LipTV, the source for news of New England’s famous Provincetown resort.

" is much more than a gay ‘netflix’-type DVD rental service. It is reaching into the future of GLBT film making and distribution and represents a new way to support the filmmakers who do the hard work in bringing the truth about GLBT people to your television screen,” Scagliotti said.

Scagliotti is best known as the creator and executive producer of the "In the Life" series. These documentaries that depict gay and lesbian life began in 1991 on six stations. "In the Life" is now on more than 100 stations, including all 25 of the top television markets.

"O&AN" readers and Knoxville community members will remember Scagliotti’s appearance at ReelKnox, the first-ever GLBT film festival held during the 2006 Pride celebration. His film, "Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World", examines the struggles experienced by GLBT people in the Global South.

His previous films, "After Stonewall: From the Roots to the Millennium" and "Before Stonewall: An Informative and Engaging Portraits of the History of Homosexual Experience in America," have certainly had lasting impact and are viewed today with as much relevance as they were at the time they were originally produced.

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