Fifth Harmony brings out Nashville ‘Harmonizers’


En Vogue, Spice Girls, TLC, Destiny's Child and Danity Kane. Okay, maybe not the latter. While boy bands are still the rage, the pop music landscape is sorely missing a female power-pop group. Enter Fifth Harmony. 

Fresh from a third-place finish on the last season of the Simon Cowell led X-Factor, Fifth Harmony is shaking things up with their debut single "Miss Movin' On." The single entered the Billboard Hot 100 last week at 85. While its debut isn't spectacular, they are the highest charting US X-Factor act after dismal releases from season one winner Melanie Amaro, season two victor Tate Stevens and fan favorites Chris Rene and Marcus Canty.   

While these five ladies (from left Lauren, Camila, Dinah-Jane, Normani and Ally) auditioned separately, Cowell saw a spark with each and banded them together for the show's group categories. They breezed through the first five weeks of the competition until they found themselves in the bottom two for week six. They came out stronger than ever with an Alice in Wonderland / Mad Tea Party inspired performance of the Ellie Goulding hit "Anything Can Happen."   



While Fifth Harmony didn't win the competition, they are poised to become the biggest stars of the show so far. "Miss Movin' On" is just not a sassy, independent female pop ear worm, it begs for a club remix so that the GLBT community drop it in the clubs.

Fifth Harmony is currently on a nationwide mall tour (yes, think Tiffany from the 80s) before joining up with UK X-Factor alum Cher Lloyd for a late-summer tour. The girls made a stop in Nashville (click here for photos) last weekend with hundreds of fans (known as Harmonizers) lining up to see them perform. They performed "Miss Movin' On" complete with a Taylor Swift "I Knew You Were Trouble" interlude, "Me & My Girls" as well as their cover of Taylor Swift's "Red" (see below). We chatted with the girls prior to the show about co-writing for the new album, their group inspirations, cover tunes and more.

Yesterday marked a year since Fifth Harmony was formed. How has life changed?

Ally: We went from having a dream to actually fulfilling and living it. Now we're here on tour- on our tour bus- it's insane and crazy you know. We're traveling all across the country getting to perform our music and meet lots of different people, especially our amazing Harmonizers.

"Miss Movin' On" debuted at 85 on the Billboard Hot 100- the highest debut from any US X-Factor contestant-

(Cheers and laughter)

Are you surprised by its success?

Camila: We knew it was right for us and we were really excited about but you just never know.

Normani: Yeah, we didn't know it would do that well.

Dinah, you went from living in a house for 20 plus relatives to living on a tour bus with four new sisters-

Dinah: Yes, I'm adding to my family list, my family tree.

Well, y'all recently did The Today Show and are now preparing for the I Wish Tour with Cher Lloyd. Have you met Cher before?

Lauren: Not personally but we have met her in passing. She's so sweet. 

Camila: Before I auditioned for the US X-Factor I did all my (all the girls chime in) research.

Fifth Harmony: Me too.

Camila: I literally saw all her performances. 

I know you all auditioned separately and have your inspirations but now that you're a group, is there any groups you look up to?

Dinah: We really look up to Spice Girls, Destiny's Child and stuff. We like that kind of R&B (pauses). Yeah we do like that R&B (laughs and snaps her fingers).

Lauren: R&B/Pop definitely with vocals. 

So the LGBT community is just waiting for a dance remix to "Miss Movin' On." Is there anything in the works?

Fifth Harmony: Yeah! That'd be really cool.

Normani: Some of our fans are really talented at doing that stuff. There was this one of "Impossible" like a dubstep remix.


Camila: I have it on my iPod. I listen to it all the time.

Fifth Harmony: (busts out a bit of the song)

On the show my favorite performance was the killer version of "Anything Can Happen." Do you have any favorite performances that stick out?

Lauren, Ally and Normani: "Let it Be" and "Anything Can Happen." There were two totally different emotions to each song.

Dinah: For me, I think "Impossible" because that was actually our first time together and we actually blended and found our voices.

Camila: I think "Impossible" for me too because we were so unsure of what was going to happen and then we did it and we felt a connection. It was electrifying almost.

You guys have done plenty of covers from the sick harmonies on Taylor Swift's "Red" to Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man" with Boyce Ave-

Fifth Harmony: You know your stuff.

I'm a fan, too.



Fifth Harmony: (laughs) Yeah! A male Harmonizer!

There are quite a few guy Harmonizers out there waiting for you to come out.

Normani: That makes us so happy

So, have you heard from any of the artists you've covered?

Fifth Harmony: Cher Lloyd and Ed Sheeran

Camila: That's how we landed our spot on the tour (laughs).

Dinah: OneDirection, I think they tweeted about it.

Camila: Actually our producer Julian showed the cover to the boys and they said they liked it.

So let's talk about the album. Any release dates or favorite tracks so far?

Normani: Sometime in the fall.

Dinah: Mine changes.

Camila: Mine is set. There's a ballad we're gonna have and it's really stripped back. It's really cool.

You're getting to write on your first album. Have you written before and what has that experience been like?

Fifth Harmony: Yeah. We've all written before.

Lauren: It was super awesome to have been given the opportunity to write on our album, especially our first one-

Normani: Not many people get that opportunity.

Lauren: Especially manufactured girl group. That they made us on the show. people would think we have no say or the ability to have a say but we're really good about being able to get in there and do it.

Check out "Miss Movin' On" below. The single is available now on iTunes.


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