Felker finishes triathlon


[Editor’s note: Exclusive team Tennessee coverage will be provided by “O&AN” as the week of Gay Games VII continues. Be sure to continue to check the Web site for updates on how Tennessee athletes are doing]

CHICAGO – Sam Felker escaped serious injury after the gears on his bicycle locked and threw him headfirst over the front of the bicycle onto the pavement as he was competiting in the Gay Games VII triathlon.

Despite the crash, Felker finished the triathlon and was pleased with the results.

“My gears locked up and I went over the handle bars,” Felker said. “I did receive quite a few cuts and bruises but nothing serious.”

Felker was nearing the finish after a grueling triathlon when the accident happened.

“I was able to get up and finish,” he said. “And I’m quite happy that I could finish.”

The triathlon started on Lake Shore Beach Front, Chicago and featured swimming, bike race, and run.