Fall Fling kicks off in Chattanooga


Tennessee Valley Pride (TVP) hosted Chattanooga’s first annual Fall Fling more than 300 people attending. 

A wide variety of entertainment was provided, from church choirs to go-go boys. The event was held at Camp Jordan in East Ridge, a suburb of Chattanooga, and some attendees were concerned about the openness of the area. Although news crews were not allowed inside the event area, one local network affiliate did sit across the road with their cameras. A TVP board member approached them and gave them a short interview which seemed to satisfy them, and shortly afterward, they left. 

This will be a concern of Tennessee Valley Pride in the future, as there has already been discussion of going back to Booker T. Washington State Park, the location of Spring Fling earlier this year. Many individuals in metro Chattanooga’s GLBT community are either closeted or just prefer not to be in the spotlight. Many think Booker T. Washington State Park is secluded enough to allow those individuals to feel protected and still have fun with ladies and gentlemen that aren’t just out of the closet, but are in the living room with their feet propped up on the coffee table. 

TVP, in the capable hands of Mike Rice and fellow board members, has worked hard to create more outlets for our community and should receive a round of applause for pulling off back-to-back events with a third one on the way.

TVP has one more event on the horizon to close out 2006. The pride committee is planning their first Winter Prom Gala, of which they hope to make an annual event. 

At press time, available information includes the following: the formal event on December 8, 2006 is $20 per person and includes a three-hour cruise starting at 11:30 p.m. An evening filled with glamor and glitz will include a photo keepsake, plenty of food, entertainment and dancing, and the crowning of a King and Queen. Tickets will only be available at the door. TVP asks that attendees be at the new riverboat at least half an hour before cruise departure.