Second Annual “Weekend Soiree

    “The Weekend Soiree” – a 4 day retreat in New Orleans from October 31st – November 3rd, created for queer women of color, and curated with their specific interests in mind. Inspired by the need counterbalance the lack of support they receive from both the Black and LGBT community at large. 
    Founded by graduate school friends Imani Grant and Mary Fuller, both queer black womxn, who found that while LBGT advocacy around the world was increasing at a record pace, one group within the spectrum was consistently left out of the conversion. Queen Womxn of Color.
    Moreover, because of gentrification, safe spaces to gather were disappearing and representation was on a further decline. To be marginalized within already marginalized group was disheartening at best. 
    Grant and Fuller, while returning from yet another lack luster “pride” event, understood that they needed to be the change for their community that they were looking for…..Thus the birth of The Weekend Soiree.