Equality Federation: President Obama’s re-election a victory for marriage equality


President Obama’s historic re-election demonstrates that supporting fairness for GLBT Americans is a political positive and, in fact, generates enthusiasm and votes for candidates. From making numerous GLBT appointments, to ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, to calling for the demise of the Defense of Marriage Act to his endorsement of same-sex marriage, the first time by a sitting president, President Obama has heroically led America on the path to equality, and he was rewarded with reelection.

Another election made history on Tuesday when Wisconsin voters selected Tammy Baldwin as their new U.S. Senator, the first openly gay or lesbian member of the U.S. Senate. The common-sense voters of Wisconsin looked at the candidates’ qualifications, experience and policies and determined that Baldwin best represented them, and her sexual orientation apparently played no part. She will bring an important new voice to the Senate.

The victories by the President and Senator-elect Baldwin are just two of the many important achievements of this campaign for GLBT voters and allies, who were energized throughout the U.S. to fight for candidates and policies that advance fairness and equality for all Americans. Win or lose on any one race or one referendum, the momentum toward social justice gained significant ground during the 2012 campaign as more people were educated about the desire of GLBT Americans to live fulfilling lives, build families and contribute to the strength of America without unfair legal restrictions. Minds were opened, and that bodes well for the future.