Eastport Publishing Partners Introduce A New Nashville-centered Magazine


Eastport Publishing Partners will launch Nashville Home and Garden, an upscale magazine that will cover fashion and vacations as well as home and garden topics, on Thursday, September 28, 2006, at the Belle Meade Plantation.
Nashville Home and Garden will reflect the interests and priorities of the community. What is important to our reader is important to us,” said Jeff Presley, managing partner of Eastport Publishing Partners (EPP).
EPP’s intentions for Nashville Home and Garden are to celebrate the combined pleasures of designing, entertaining, dining and traveling—in a sense, simply living well. Through departments such as “Around the House,” “Design Q&A,” “Arts and Antiques” and “Great Escapes,” the staff of Nashville Home and Garden seeks to deliver the most recent, top-of-the-line features, ten times a year.
Nashville Home and Garden is always looking for those who are living their very own definition of the well-lived life,” said Presley. “Whatever that specific definition may be, we simply want to be inspired by you, and we want you to be inspired by each other.”
Eastport Publishing Partners recently opened new offices in Nashville, Tennessee, for Nashville Home and Garden magazine. A diversified services company, the company operates businesses with offices in Miami, Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia.