Dutton presents ‘Cupid’s Playground’


Nashville artist Stevn Dutton will present an art show called “Cupid’s Playground – Where Love Comes to Play” Feb. 13 from 6 to 10 p.m. at Tribe.

“On the eve of Valentine’s Day, we invite you to begin your sensual interlude by viewing some wonderful art,” Dutton said.

This collection unleashes desire and hidden fetishes and brings them to life. Dutton creates pieces that provoke emotional reactions when viewed. Each one maintains its personality while holding your stare long enough to stir your own inner thoughts about sensuality and eroticism.

“We look forward to showing you the fun side of love on this eve of the most romantic day of the year,” Dutton said, “as well as reflecting the playful side of intimate fetishes.”

Dutton commented that visitors could expect to see silhouette dancers, erotic performers and sexy bartenders.

“Surround yourself in the erotic atmosphere, desirable people and over 20 pieces of sexy art,” Dutton said.

This will be the fourth art show hosted by Tribe for Dutton. The event will be emceed by Princess. You can view a limited collection of Stevn’s art via a slide show at www.myspace.com/stevnd.