Dressing up for success


Performance Studios, Nashville’s one-stop shop for costumes and costume accessories for over 20 years, gears up for its busiest season with more Performance Studios satisfies costuming needs for a variety of functions, from plays to masquerade parties. Photo credit: Gina Anderson.offerings than ever before.

Many Nashvillians may be familiar with Performance Studios’ old location on Church Street. Located across from Nashville Electric Service from 1988, its presence was an institution in the downtown landscape.

“We simply outgrew the Church Street location,” co-owner Gary Broadrick states.

They found a much bigger space on Thompson Lane. By moving, they graduated from 9200 square feet to 17500 square feet and from 32 parking spaces to 93. Broadrick says this is still not quite enough during the Halloween season.

Performance Studios offers hairdressers, makeup, and boutique items year-round, in addition to costume products. The store also supplies a full variety of costumes and accessories for all occasions, including plays and masquerade parties.

As with other novelty stores of this sort, Performance Studios is busiest leading up to Halloween. And it’s not just kids that come in to this community institution.

“It is certainly an adult holiday (now), as opposed to 20 years ago when it was a holiday for trick-or-treaters,” Broadrick says.

To support customers during that time, Performance Studios offers rental costumes as well as costumes for purchase. Every year they take reservations for their rental costumes starting on Labor Day weekend.

Other costume rental companies rent their costumes per day but Performance Studios rents their costumes for the event. For one fee, you can keep your rental costume for up to 5 days if necessary. This allows customers to pick up their costume according to their schedule and not the store’s.

During the Halloween season, Performance Studios also features a “Haunted Room.” This Haunted Room features props and accessories to liven up one’s Halloween party.

Broadrick describes the room as a lot of fun: “When people come in to the store, they just want to go in there.”

The earlier Halloween revelers start to shop for their costume, the better. Performance Studios receives 98% of their stock by September 15, so the longer a customer waits, the more limited their choices will become. The Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Halloween is the busiest time in the store.

Performance Studios hires seasonal help and increases their business hours to assist with the influx of customers during this peak time. However, customers should still expect a crowd, especially during peak times.

The owners of Performance Studios hope the costumes and services Halloween customers experience will inspire them to use the store’s services at other times too. What better way to celebrate life than to replicate the imagination of Halloween all year?

Performance Studios is located at 523 West Thompson Lane in the Berry Hill neighborhood. The store is open during the Halloween season from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 1 – 6 p.m. on Sunday.