Dream holds season opener


The Nashville Dream Football Team held its fifth season opener at Glencliff High School on April 16, 2005. I caught up with quarterback Christie Trost for a look at The Nashville Dream now and then.

Christie who was the starting quarterback in 2001-2002 season tore her ACL prior to the 2003 season. (She ended up on the bench for that whole season) In 2004 she came back, but was still having problems, so she wasn’t the starting quarterback.

2005 she is back at the helm and has led her team to a win for the season opener. She says, "This team is very talented. We have great promise. As long as we continue to improve from week to week we have a very good chance of making the play offs and possibly the championship game."

When asked about the changes in the team from when, The Nashville Dream first started, to the present day, she said, "This team definitely has more structure and discipline from the early years. We are slowly getting exposure in the community. What this team needs in the future is marketing and exposure in order to improve the fan base, attendance, and thus improve sponsorship opportunities. This would also improve team roster numbers which would be a huge help."

As it is now, the players have to pay to play, usually around $500.00. They pay a ‘try out’ fee and they have to pay for equipment. The try out fee is non-refundable, but they only have to pay it one time and then can try out for that same team as many times as they want to. They also have to have their own insurance. The players and staff are under a one year contract. The coaches don’t get paid either. Any help from the doctors or nurses on the sidelines is purely voluntary, at this time.

To take the team to the next level, would require corporate sponsorship at a league level, along with TV and radio broadcasting of the games. Attendance in the thousands (some teams are already doing this) also, for the players and staff to get paid. The goal is for this to be a career option for women.

The Nashville Dream Team is for sale, anyone interested should contact Bill Berry at 615-217-4696.


The Nashville Dream Schedule for 2005

4/2 @ Pensacola Power (Pre-Season) L
4/9 Cincinnati Sizzle (Pre-Season) L
4/16 Alabama Renegades W
4/23 @ Chattanooga Locomotion W
4/30 BYE
5/7 BYE
5/14 Knoxville Tornados
5/21 @ Tennessee Venom
5/28 @ Atlanta Leopards
6/4 Asheville Assault
6/11 New Orleans Blaze
6/18 @ Knoxville Tornados