‘Disney’s The Lion King’ roars into TPAC


Disney's The Lion King is coming to Nashville this week and yours truly had the opportunity to watch the load-in (set-up) at Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) and I can tell you that this play has all the makings of Nashville's production of the year. The show will proudly begin its almost month long run – May 7 through June 2, at TPAC this Tuesday evening and promises to be an event to remember.

A significant part of the play takes place on Pride Rock, located in the vast Pride Lands of Africa. The huge rock is home to the Lion King and his lionesses, the seat of power and main gathering place for all

The rock is portrayed as being so tall, you can see all of the Pride Lands from its peak while in actuality, it is a monster of a man-made rock, measuring about 18.5 feet long, more than half that high and weighing in at a whopping 8,000 pounds, making you wonder how in the world it is transported and set up on stages of varying sizes around the country.

The monstrous "rock", which looks like a set of stadium seats or bleachers, runs on a track by remote control and has the ability to grow or shrink in length so that it can fit on various stages. It actually reminds you of an inch worm, when seen in action.

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