Dig out you red dress for this years rampage


It’s that time of the year again to dig out everything red you own and run in the Fourth Annual Grizzlies Red Dress Rampage on Saturday, Oct. 20, in East Nashville presented by Yazoo.

The event is a pub crawl/fun run where men and women wear red dresses, red costumes or red whatever and show their spirit. The proceeds will be going to Friends of Shelby Park and the Nashville Grizzlies Rugby team.

Everyone participating will receive a Yazoo beer at each “watering hole.” There will be a 30-minute period in between each location where additional food and drinks will be offered at everyone’s expense.

According to their website, the reason it’s called a “rampage” and not a run is because it was named after Opryland Themepark’s popular ride “the Grizzly River Rampage.”

“Like that ride, the Grizzlies Red Dress Rampage is for the brave at heart — hey, rampage does mean "excited behavior that is reckless, uncontrolled."

All attendees must be 21 or older on the day of the race and register at www.grizzliesreddress.org or in person before the race begins at noon. The cost is $40 and includes a T-shirt, if registered by Oct. 6.)

The race will take place in the Five Points area of East Nashville. The watering holes are Beyond the Edge, Lipstick Lounge, Red Door Saloon East, Edgefield Sports Bar and Drifter’s. The total distance is less than 2.5 miles.

There will also be an assortment awards handed out to the ones who really get into the “red dress” theme. The judges last year awarded:

  • Best Coiffure — or hairdo
  • Best Male in Touch with His Feminine Side
  • Best Female as a Female
  • Hairiest Legs
  • Best Use of the Yazoo Logo
  • Most Creative
  • Biggest Diva
  • Biggest Mess
  • Most Bejeweled
  • Most Outstanding Group
  • Kardashian Hoochie Mama Award
  • Best Pair

For more information, visit www.grizzliesredress.org.