Devotion, not just duty

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Invariably every time I sit down with a couple whose relationship is in trouble one of them brings up how they felt when they started dating.  They always seem to wonder where the joy and mutual pursuit went.  Now do not get me wrong, they still want the bills paid, chores done, etc. – they even expect that of themselves – but they do not want to be taken for granted, ignored, or set aside for something else.

Now, consider that you, and those you pursue, or that you pursue, are made in the image of God.  If we in our brokenness seek to know and keep the kindness and playfulness of the love we had at first, how much more do you think God would like to see us continuing to pursue a closeness and bond that causes us to be constantly in the shadow of the Almighty.

We often want God to be all unconditional and lacking of expectations upon us, and we often blame the poor examples of people who claim God’s name to be the reason we do not like “faith,” “organized religion,” “Christians,” and you can name whatever faith tradition you were raised in where the people were less than perfect.  Yet, it is only God’s love that is unconditional.  Every other attribute and gift of God is conditioned upon both our devotion and duty toward the divine – because they are opposite sides of the same coin.  One cannot really live in the shadow of the Almighty without devotion and duty is that which is obedience to what we are called.

So this week, as you walk through your day ask yourself if you have time for devotion in ever aspect of your life, or if you have scheduled yourself so tight that there is no room for a refreshing breeze from the Holy Spirit to renew, and refocus you to the things that will transform you with power and promise.  Then you will find that duty is nothing more than a reflection of devotion and is not a chore, but rather a joy.

May the peace that passes all understanding be with you today, and every day.

Pastor Greg