Dean of world’s largest gay church to speak at OutLoud!


Rev. Michael Piazza; President of Hope for Peace & Justice, Dean of the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas and author of the new book The Real antiChrist; will speak and sign books at OutLoud! Books & Gifts, 1703 Church Street in Nashville, on Friday, July 13, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

The Real antiChrist: How America Sold Its Soul is the sixth and latest book from Rev. Piazza. Bishop John Shelby Spong calls The Real antiChrist “A searing indictment of popular Christianity by a passionate Christian.” He also says that Rev. Piazza “speaks with prophetic fury against those who have turned Christianity into something Jesus would never recognize.”

According to Rev. Piazza, since September 11, 2001, the religious right has used fear to manipulate America. He believes the sale of millions of books in the “Left Behind” series, which portrays the religious right’s apocalyptic vision, is just one example of how fear-based religion is foundational to what is going on in this country.

“There is an antiChrist, and it isn’t Russia or Osama bin Laden,” Rev. Piazza says. “It isn’t even George W. Bush. I believe the real antiChrist is the way in which America, and in particular the evangelical church in America, has come to embody a vision and values that are diametrically opposite of Jesus, therefore, The Real antiChrist."

Rev. William McElvaney, Professor Emeritus at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, in highly recommending “this edifying and challenging book,” says, “Michael Piazza reveals the dangerous hypocrisy of Christian fundamentalism with incisive Biblical critique and theological wisdom. At the same time [Rev. Piazza] offers an agenda for hopeful recovery of America’s soul.”


Hope for Peace & Justice, based in Dallas, is equipping progressive people of faith to be champions for peace and justice. Through grassroots efforts, Hope for Peace & Justice seeks to give voice to principles such as the creation of a culture of peace rather than war, equal rights for all people not just the majority, and education as a means of societal transformation rather than economic separation.


The Cathedral of Hope, also based in Dallas, is the world’s largest liberal Christian church with a primary outreach to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.