Daily Buzz About- March 5


Openly gay judge confirmed to federal bench

Pamela Chen becomes first openly gay, Asian-American  to preside on a federal bench. Nominated by President Obama in August, the U.S. Senate confirms Chen in a voice vote. 

Rights for trans students introduced by Calif. lawmaker

Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, introduces a bill that would allow students that identify as transgender in public schools "to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities" regardless of what sexual category exists on their school records.

Proposal to add transgender language to hate crime bill heard in Nevada

On behalf of her 8-year-old son, Elvira Diaz spoke with lawmakers to include trans language to existing hate crimes bill. "When you are a mother you want to leave your kids the best thing, and if I can leave to him the privilege to have life, to be free and safe and to live a successful life, that’s what I want," Diaz told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Openly gay Miss. mayoral candidate murdered

Family members of Marco McMillian, the openly gay mayoral candidate of Clarksdale, Miss., released a statement saying that he was beaten and set on fire before being dumped. An arrest has been made and possible anti-gay motives are being investigated.

Landmark NYC bar evicted

What iconic NYC gay bar will shutter its doors at the end of this month because its new landlord has nearly doubled its rent? After 34 years, the corner of 8th and 21st will never be the same. Find out more.

Lesbian couple first same-sex marriage at Tokyo Disney

There are many different types of fairy tales. While the marriage has no official recognition in Japan, GLBT blogger Koyuki Higashi, married her partner in what has become the first same-sex wedding at Tokyo Disney. While we are not sure if he walked either of them down the aisle, Mickey Mouse was in attendance.

Cleveland Browns’ Linebacker  Scott Fujita supports GLBT NFL players

Scott Fujita goes on record to " argue that the overwhelming majority [of NFL players] would be fine with having a teammate who was gay."

Fujita went a step further to note that the acceptance starts at younger ages. "It’s important for closet gay athletes everywhere, not just at the professional level, but more importantly athletes at the younger level in high school and college, to understand they do have support around them and that they can come out and feel comfortable. And honestly, that is going to help save lives.”

Soccer fans show solidarity for openly gay player

Former US soccer star Robbie Rodgers came out as gay and retired earlier this year. Philadelphia Union fans showed their support with a "touching display" of solidarity. Find out what they did.

James Franco blasts Australian Classification Board for banning gay film

James Franco is no stranger to gay subject matter. Franco went on the attack after I Want Your Love was banned from queer film festivals in Melbourne and Brisbane for being deemed too explicit.

“I don’t know why in this day and age something like this, a film that’s using sex not for titillation but to talk about being human, is being banned,” Franco said in a YouTube appeal posted Monday. Just another reason we are in love with James Franco.