Curb Records matches $113,000 Taylor Swift gift to Tennessee Equality Project

Issues call to action for others to join

Curb Records

The Tennessee Equality Project announced Monday afternoon that it’s historic gift of $113,000 from Taylor Swift, is being matched by by Curb Records. 

The money will be used by the group to help fight the ongoing “slate of hate” that has been part of the Tennessee legislative process this year. The two donations now total $226,000, and Curb has issued the call for more artists and groups to donate.

Mike Curb
Mike Curb

In a press release the group said “Curb Records is proud to join the Tennessee Equality Project, Taylor Swift and over 100 members of the Tennessee clergy to oppose all six discriminatory bills currently being considered by the Tennessee State Legislature.

“As a former elected official, a Republican and a Christian, and as founder and Chairman of Curb Records and the Curb Foundation, I cannot believe that our legislators would put our brand new Governor in a position to have to consider potentially discriminatory legislation that could involve taxpayer funds.”  said Mike Curb, owner of Curb Records. 

In support of Curb’s position, the company will match Taylor Swift’s generous donation of $113,000 to TEP.  The gift has special importance because Curb opposes any form of discrimination, including any proposed law that takes equal rights from any group.

“Tennessee has offered citizens a high quality of life because business and nonprofits have worked together.  For several decades Curb Records and the Curb Foundation have made numerous gifts to Tennessee universities, homeless projects, museums, the historic preservation of Music Row and many other important charitable organizations and activities.  Today such collaborative investment is threatened by irresponsible legislation, and it is crucial that our legislature and our other government officials take note of the incredible negative impact that bills such as these have already had in North Carolina and other states,” read the release. 

“During my lifetime America has been rebuilt by public-private sector partnerships and I’ve been fortunate to have been involved in many of these projects across the country,” Curb added. “I’d like to be able to do future projects in Tennessee, and I believe that there are many other individuals and organizations in the entertainment industry and other businesses who will join us in reconsidering whether we can make new investments and contributions in Tennessee if these discriminatory measures go forward.”  

The bills are:  SB848/HB1152, SB1304/HB836, SB364/HB563, SB1297/HB1151, SB1499/HB1274 and SB1282/HB1369.   

In 2007, Curb was named Nashvillian of the Year and received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Curb has written over four hundred songs, produced twenty-five gold- or platinum-selling albums, and was named Producer of the Year by Billboard in 1972. In 2001, Curb Records was named the Country Music Label of the Year by the leading music trade magazines. Curb Records has had over 250 number-one records, covering most all of the genres of the music industry.