Cosmo Sez…tell your truth!


Remember when you were growing up and there were either siblings or "friends" who would discover some unknown fact about you and then threaten to "tell on you" unless you did their bidding? They would do this in order to control or manipulate you. Sometimes it was only to get a reaction of some kind, which they probably did get.

Why did they do this? They did it because it usually worked! They did it because it made them think that they had power over us. To some, it was only some sick form of entertainment. What they didn’t realize is that this is not true power, but only a dysfunctional game that would eventually become self-defeating.

Well, guess what…those people eventually grew up and many of them still maintain that same behavior. Old habits are hard to break! These people feel like they have this power over others if they know something about them that nobody else knows…especially if those people don’t want this information to be known by others. They play on our fears. It happens a lot on soap operas. However, life is not meant to be a soap opera. It is meant to be more, much more indeed.

Still, there are people in our adult lives that will use our truth against us, but only if we give them the power to do so. The way that we give them this power is to hide from our own truth and be fearful of it. The reality is this: OUR TRUTH WILL NOT HURT US; IT CAN ONLY SET US FREE!

Granted, that depends upon what you’re truth is. The key to sharing your truth is this: You must have your truth "in check" with itself. Isn’t it really all about who you are when nobody’s looking anyway?

Fear is a tool widely used to control people or groups of people. For example, look at government or even religion throughout time. Fear controls the masses. Fear is on the news every night and is a motivating factor for things like war and even marketing. Fear keeps us in the closet. Fear keeps us in the dark.

Know this: The one and only thing that fear is fearful of is light because light dissipates darkness. Truth is our light and therefore it is the best tool to use to defeat the darkness, even our own inner darkness. To conquer fear, you must bring it to the light! Plus, if we are the first ones to share our truth with the world, then no one can use it against us. This is how we take our power back from those that wish to do us harm.

By sharing your truth with others, you create a stronger bond with those who really love you because you now live in reality, together. I’m not saying that you should share every detail of your truth with everyone because not everyone is deserving of that sacred knowledge. People that really love you don’t want to know all of the details anyway. The details don’t matter to them because YOU matter to them! People that are afraid of their own truth being known are afraid of their own light. What a horrible prison to live in! We were meant to soar with the eagles, and you can’t do this when you swim with the ducks.