Community mixer set for May 8 at Tribe


Smoky Mountain Rodeo Association and Tribe are hosting a Nashville Community Groups Mixer on Tuesday, May 8 from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Tribe.   

“Our goal is to bring all community minded folks together for a fun meet and greet,” explained Bill Tedder, SMRA treasurer. “No booths, tables or speeches. Just food, folks and fun. Share ideas, make new friends and help build a stronger community just in time for Pride.”

Light snacks will be available, provided by Tribe.

Tedder said the idea came to him when he was talking to Nashville Pride President Todd Grantham.

“We were talking one night about how difficult it is getting for fundraising, getting sponsorships and selling advertising,” he said. “There are so many groups in Nashville now that dollars seem to be stretched in too many directions. I thought it would be great if like-minded groups got together and started sharing/co-sponsoring events to help alleviate some of the pressure.  That is how the mixer idea was born. “

“One month before Pride seems to be the perfect time to get together," he said.

Tedder said he just wanted an informal gathering so that community groups could network, and talk to each other about what each group has planned for the future, and perhaps work towards some common goals.

“The mixer is not an expo,” he added. “There will be no tables or booths.  Just food, folks and fun. Everyone is welcome.”

For more information email Tedder at [email protected].