CCC thanks ‘O&AN’


We can’t thank you enough for your generous support of the Vintners 2005 fundraiser. Support from the GLBT community helped to make it one of the most successful ever. Those served will benefit from your participation.

In addition to helping us by providing an immense amount of publicity for the event, Out & About Newspaper provided quality reporting on the Center, the pending Tenncare changes that will impact its operation, and Vintners itself.

Your efforts have made a big difference to those living with HIV/AIDS served by the CCC, and the information you disseminated will continue to inform our community.

Again, we thank you.

Gillie Prudence-Crowder, Chair
Vintners 2005: An Evening of Wine & Roses
Drema Mace MS, CEO
Comprehensive Care Center
Kathy Anderson, Chair
CCC Board of Directors