Buzz About- March 28


With all the excitement over the cases at the Supreme Court this week, today’s Daily Buzz About is dedicated to the inequality still being faced across the nation.

But first some good news in Tennessee

Anti-GLBT bills die in Tenn. House

‘Don’t Say Gay’ died in the House Education Subcommittee as well as the bill that would have pulled funding for Vanderbilt University’s police force.

Kansas pushes its ‘infectious disease’ bill

Lawmakers refused to include an exemption for those infected with HIV/AIDS to HB 2183, which amends Kansas’ public-health regulations to allow for the isolation of people with “infectious diseases.”

Can we include hate as an infectious disease, please?

Kentucky lawmakers vote to override Governor’s veto of religious freedom bill

Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear vetoed the religious freedom bill over concerns that someone’s claim of religious freedom could undermine civil rights protections for gays and lesbians. Lawmakers voted to override Beshear’s veto.

It seems like our neighbors to the north need a history lesson in religious persecution.

Arkansas House reaffirms its marriage inequality decision

We guess there isn’t much going on down in Arkansas these days as lawmakers voted to reaffirm their stance on marriage equality by voting to approve a resolution in support of DOMA.

Hmmmm, let’s waste taxpayers time and money voting on something that doesn’t change any state law since we already legalized inequality in 2004 said every yay vote.

Anti-discrimination amendment fails in West Virginia House

A move to add sexual orientation to the state’s Human Rights Act, which prohibits workplace and public accommodation discrimination, and both orientation and age to the state’s fair housing law, failed.

Orientation was to be defined as heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and "gender identity or expression." The bill’s sponsor openly gay lawmaker Stephen Skinner asked that the bill not be taken up due to religious freedom exemptions that may render it useless plus a desire to remove transgender from the bill.

Skinner has vowed not to give up. "To those of you who support the (bill) but feel you cannot vote for it, it is not my job to soothe your conscience," said Skinner in a floor speech. "I will not give up on you, but I want you to explain to your children, your grandchildren, your brothers, sisters and friends, why you will not do so."

Arizona House panel passes softened anti-trans bathroom law

After a national outcry of its original form, which sought to criminalize the use of restrooms based upon gender expression by the transgender population, Arizona House panel passed a softened version that protected business owners from civil and criminal action if they bar people from restrooms that don’t match their sex.

Ummmmm, okay I am wondering how Arizona business owners are going to determine the sex of their customers?!?