Buzz About April 4


Garbage stops Detroit show for a same-sex wedding proposal

Yes, Shirley Manson and company are still rocking out and they rocked even harder this week when they stopped the show and allowed Scott Sauter to propose to his boyfriend, Domenick Viviano. Check out the video!

GLAAD to honor Bill Clinton for his record on GLBT rights

Wait a minute—the man who signed DOMA and DADT into law? Clinton claims he was doing so to stop more damaging legislation. So what could be more damaging then DOMA and DADT?

But then again GLAAD did honor Brett Ratner with its Ally award this year.

Arizona town votes to allow civil unions

With all the bad news coming out of Arizona these days, it’s nice to see to hear about the small former mining town of Bisbee to step out from their state’s shadow and do what’s right. Of course the Attorney General wants to sue the town but who cares? Right now this is music to our ears.

Virginia Attorney General tries to reinstate sodomy laws

Citing a case involving a minor, Va. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is trying to have Virginia’s sodomy laws reinstated after being overturned last month. So are you telling us that there is not another law on the books that would allow you to prosecute the party involved? Use that one and stop being an idiot!

Texas Senate Bill seeks to defund LGBT groups on college campuses

It must be the rage now! First, Tennessee Senator (and all around genius) Stacey Campfield moved to have funding reevaluated for UT because of their Sex Week, then Iowa moved to have funding withheld from a community college for an LGBTQ youth conference and now Texas Senator Bill Zedler moves to prevent public money from being used “to support, promote, or encourage any behavior that would lead to high risk behavior for AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B, or any sexually transmitted disease.”

We bet there is a family tree connection here. anyone?

Rutgers coach fired for anti-gay slurs

You’ve probably read all about this already but here’s a recap. Rutgers coach was suspended for 3 games, issued a fine and ordered to take anger management classes last year when officials were given a video tape of him physically attacking players and calling them names (including anti-gay slurs). This week he was fired.

Okay, officials have had this tape since November and only because ESPN decided to air the tape has resulted in his firing? I think after Penn State scandals officials would have learned that a cover up will do no one any good. We say fire them all.

Show some empathy

Watch this short clip about what it is like to be undocumented and GLBT in the U.S..