Business Briefs – July 2006


Rachel Stanton is president of Diversity Builder, “Make the Connection” at Rachel can be reached at [email protected]. Drop her a note with any of your business news for the NAPP business page.

East Nashville’s Lynn Taylor Featured in ‘Old-House Journal’

East Nashville resident Lynn Taylor has a knack for modernizing homes in historic communities. She gained recent national recognition with her six page article in the June 2006, “Old-House Journal.” Her company, Taylor Made Plans, LLC, specializes in revitalizing urban neighborhoods through residential remodeling, historic design and new home plans for older urban neighborhoods.

To read the “Old-House Journal” article, or find out more about Taylor Made Plans, visit

Tennessee Nightlife launches Web site

Tennessee Nightlife has launched a new Web site dedicated to all things hip and entertaining. offers information on a wide variety of venues, bands and events spanning Tennessee, Northern Alabama and Southern Kentucky.

Tennessee Nightlife founder and president Josh Davis, (a.k.a. Big Josh Stud), stated, “I’ve always loved the party scene. At the end of the day I’m not trying to promote myself or a particular club, I’m trying to promote a way of life. We’re well known in Middle Tennessee as not only party people but also the people to turn to when you need a local bar or suggestions for dates as well as news on events and openings.”

Tennessee Nightlife provides details about events and happenings in bars, nightclubs, events, bands and restaurants in the Mid-South. 

For further information visit or call 615-397-3010.

The Grief Center at Alive Hospice to offer gay men’s grief support group for partner loss

The Grief Center at Alive Hospice is offering an eight-week support group for gay men grieving the loss of their partners. The group will meet on Mondays, August 7 through October 2, from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. at The Grief Center at Alive Hospice. The group is open to anyone who has lost a partner in the past three years. John Baker, grief counselor at Alive Hospice with more than 16 years experience, will facilitate the group. Registration is required.

For more information, please call (615) 963-4674.

Nashville welcomes GLBT therapist

Dawn Beatty received her license to practice therapy in Tennessee this summer and has opened a private practice in the Cool Springs area.

Dawn M. Beatty, MA, EdS, LMFT, is more than just another therapist in Nashville. Besides specializing in GLBT counseling, Beatty has an impressive history of important psychology research work.  Beatty’s most recent study is on the relationship between childhood trauma and domestic violence in gay and lesbian relationships:  “The intergenerational transmission of violence.” 

When asked about working with the GLBT community, Beatty commented, “I am glad to be working with the GLBT community in the Nashville area, whether that is in providing diversity training or therapy or developing friendships. In my line of work, I have seen many individuals and couples suffer from the hands of oppression because of people’s personal views. It is important that we all work together to educate our communities about respect and equality, and begin to raise those who are disempowered and marginalized. I look forward to more networking to learn how I can be helpful to the GLBT community.”

For more information on diversity training, individual and couples therapy, or psychological testing, contact Dawn M. Beatty at 615-587-5490 or [email protected]. Evening appointments are available.