Big city filmmaker gone Nashville


Local independent filmmaker and screenwriter, Tommy Rocco, is making his directorial debut with "Redemption Room," a supernatural short film in the vein of "The Twilight Zone" due for release in January 2007.

Rocco moved to Nashville in December of last year from Philadelphia, and claims to find it easier and more comfortable to network in the film community here than in Philly. He also lived in Los Angeles where he says, "People treat you like another face in the crowd no matter how talented you are. I find the small town mentality of Nashville much less intimidating than that of the big city."

Rocco has worked on various different film sets in the past couple of years and has said that in his short time in Nashville he can already tell that people here are much easier to work with.

"It was difficult even finding people to work with back home. They seemed to be more interested in who you know rather than how good you are at what you do." Having spoken with many people in the Nashville film circuit, Rocco feels confident that he will be able to get his film career off the ground.

"I love all forms of art. Writing and film just happen to be my mediums. My goal is to make quality films that matter that will touch people’s lives in a positive way."

Rocco plans on shooting a series of short films to send to film festivals in hopes of getting recognized. He has also written a few feature-length screenplays, including a children’s musical, and is currently trying to get a Hollywood agent. Rocco plans on staying in Nashville.

"This city already feels like home to me, and this is where I would like to get my film career started."