Bellevue Mall revisits 100 Foot no campaigning rule


The Davidson County Election Commission ruled that some Vote No On One supporters were unjustly asked to leave a polling place.

Vote No on 1 supporters were gathered at the Bellevue Mall early voting location, next to a sign that read they were a hundred feet away from the polls.

A voting law states that no campaigning can be done within a hundred feet of the polls. A poll worker asked them to leave, and mall security escorted them outside.

According to the Election Commission, the 100-feet marker signs should have been outside because this polling site was on private property.

"The mall is very nice to us to let us be here, the public enjoys it, and the vote turnout is great here, so we’ve never had any problem with this 100 foot before. But now it came to our attention and it’s been corrected. So from now on we’ll know where to put our signs," Ray Barrett with the Davidson County Election Commission said.

Poll workers then put signs in the correct places around the Bellevue Mall, and at the Hickory Hollow Mall where early voting is also taking place.