Being a mentor encouraged


I just wanted to give you a special thanks for your article [‘Cosmo sez…be a mentor,’ June 2006, page 18].

I’m a spiritual director by vocation and since I happen to be gay I’ve done most of my ministry in my local gay bars and clubs. I’ve learned that its better to just listen, rather than give advise and try to “fix things” in someone else’s life, or relating my experience without any judgments or formulas or, God forbid, rules or doctrines. Compassion, trust, open-ness, respect and a willingness to see clearly all angles are essential as is a firm footing in the present — in what is and not just in what was or should be.

I just turned 60, and after 25 years of working with PWAs, I’m ready, willing, and able to give myself whole-heartedly to the new generation of young gays who have lost most of their role models. I find great hope in the young people of today.

Thanks again and keep speaking out on topics of vast import for all of us

Bob Rakoczy
112 Cardenas NE #10
Albuquerque, NM 87108
[email protected]

[Editor’s Note: Bob Rakoczy is the author of “The Gay Book of Saints.” It is available at Outloud Department Store in Nashville.]