AUDIO: Oral arguments from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

tennessee marriage plaintiffs edit.png

On August 6th the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati heard oral arguments regarding six same-sex marriage cases in Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan. A three judge panel (one of whom is from Nashville) is reviewing the matter now and we anticipate a ruling in a few weeks. Regardless to the outcome, most everyone is anticipating an appeal to the US Supreme Court.

In the meantime we have access to audio from the courtroom.

The official US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit website has posted streamable and downloadable audio. Look under "Other Information," highlighted in red. There is also a direct link to a streaming audio player of just the oral arguments.

The Tennessee case is "Tanco, et al. v. Haslam, et al." It runs just over 30 minutes.

Freedom to Marry has a superb, highly recommended recap from the oral arguments, including an import of the audio into SoundCloud. Please go there for audio regarding the remaining three states.




 photo: Freedom to Marry