‘Anything Beau’s’ a gay man’s take on life and love


Staff writer Steven Disney contributed to this report.

Comedian and entertainer Eric Durchholz AKA Beau Ratliffe, will appear at Lipstick Lounge on Sunday, Sept. 18. Durchholz plans to perform his one-man show Anything Beau’s, a humorous take on life and love from the perspective of a 40-year-old man in small-town Indiana.

The star of the show is Beau, who is finding his way in life as he struggles to keep a home. Beau’s life often includes paranormal, odd characters, and general madness breaking loose all around him. From these experiences, Beau has developed his own web show. Drawing inspiration from a Precious Moments collection and the advice of his mother, Beau is now ready to take his show on the road and let America see him in all his Indiana glory. 

Beau struggles to hold onto his dreams while constantly being pulled back to Earth by ordinary circumstances. Throughout his journey, he tackles difficult issues such as poverty, homelessness and drug abuse.

Durchholz says that he uses the character of Beau to combat the ideas of homophobia with comedy. He hopes to use his show as "a gateway" for those in rural areas to see that they are not alone. Having performed skits for his web show and his new multimedia stage show in the town of Evansville, he’s been met with a warm welcome and opened the eyes of people who may not have otherwise been inclusive to the idea of a local gay presence. His goal is "to take a year around the country to help discuss the inclusion of gays in every community."

For more information on Beau Ratliffe, visit www.anythingbeaus.com.