Nashville’s gay bars are something of a refuge from the expectations of dominant culture. And during most holidays they are busier than ever.

So, with New Year’s approaching, the gay bars are the obvious target for right-wing fanatics looking to show their hatred. As the temperature dropped on the evening of Saturday, December 29, self-proclaimed Christian protesters headed out to Church Street.

Their first stop was PLAY/Tribe, where they hoisted their familiar signs across the street from the city’s most-visited gay clubs. Anyone who has attended Pride events in Middle Tennessee and the surrounding region would likely recognize both the signs and the individuals holding them.

Once they had made their presence sufficiently known, some of the protesters made their way down to Canvas. There, one of the year’s busiest “Bear Chested” events was underway.

A reader submitted this photo of the protest, originally posted to Facebook by Archie Craven.

Anti-LGBT Christians Protest Outside Church Street Bars
Anti-LGBT Christians Protest Outside Church Street Bars

So far, no incidents between patrons and the protesters have reached O&AN, but we will provide updates if further information becomes available.


EDITOR’S NOTE: One wonders how much hatred must be in the heart of these individuals. To feel compelled to come out in freezing temperatures to harass the LGBT community celebrating the turning of the year? It’s hard to fathom.


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  1. Christian People Need To Shut Up. Love is Love!!!!!!! God Is Love!!!!!!! Being Gay Is Beautiful!!!!!!! God Believes In Gay Love!!!!!!!

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