Today, Nashville based singer-songwriter, Anna Moon premieres her new song, ‘Mr. Valentine’, and its music video with Out & About Nashville. With Valentines Day approaching, the saucy retro vibe of the piece should help set the perfect mood for young lovers and lusters of all orientations and configurations!

Moon is Nashville-based, and we are guessing that, if you haven’t heard of her yet, you will hear a lot more from her soon. The Atlanta native possesses a hypnotic, versatile voice, one that can croon, coo or cry as the song dictates. If you doubt it, just check out the video below!

Anna Moon, credit Jamie NelsonWith a sound that marries hip-hop beats with a pop sensibility, Anna’s music and sound are of her own … unique, contradictory, complex, feminine, masculine, but cohesive.  Like the most telling tattoo on her body – a woman’s hands controlling two marionettes – it is Anna who is always pulling the strings.

“I’m in charge of everything you’re seeing, everything you’re feeling,” says the singer, whose personal style hearkens back to the age of mystery, perplexity and imagery. “I want to create an imaginary world where duality is the motif.”

The current release is evidence of this. Just check out some of the raw sexy lyrics:

Hey Mr. Valentine
Show me what you got
I got the boys working over time
Punching in the clock
Don’t need no sweet talking Romeo
(no) Leo DiCaprio
(oh) just want a late night award winning cameo

If that doesn’t speak to raw hunger and sexuality, seeking satisfaction of some of our most physical urges with the kind of connection constantly sought but harder to find (see Grindr), I don’t know what does.

So if you’re looking for some music to set the mood for Valentines Day, or if you are in search of your own ‘Mr. (or Ms.) Valentine’, you’ll want to check this out:

If you want to hear more about Moon, the pop singer was recently featured on NPR’s Closer Look with Rose Holmes.


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