Andrew Clancey

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How did you become interested in fashion? Who are some of your inspirations and mentors?

From an early age, I always followed the latest trends in music and fashion. Each genre had a matching uniform, so I started with Punk, then went to Mod, and even touched upon New Romantic. Vivienne Westwood made a movement a business with her Punk inspired clothing, and I took inspiration from that.

I had worked in my dad’s scrap yard until age 26, but decided I wanted a more fashionable career. I started styling in the UK and have been doing that 17 years now. I made the transition to design two years ago when we moved our store from New York. It gave me more time to think about putting together collections, as I had always been making individual pieces for my styling clients.

The first sequin fabric I bought was at Textile Fabrics here in Nashville, and I have been in the sequin world ever since! Nashville Fashion Week gave me the push to actually get on a runway.


How would you describe your style? How does it resonate with your gay clients?

My style would be an English eccentric disco punk. I like to wear pieces that stand out and are different to what everyone else wear. I should have called my label Peacock really. I do wear a lot of black during the day but will mix it with metallic footwear, just something to lift the outfit. Evening it’s all about the sequin!

I don’t differentiate between gay and non-gay clients: it’s just the LGBT community knows how to have fun and dress up for a party! My men’s sequin jackets are for the more confident person, and the gay men I know are definitely the more confident kind!


Who are some Nashville-based fashion and entertainment leaders who have been influential in your work?

Connie Cathcart-Richardson! NFW has always been a great help with local knowledge. She’s a proper Southern lady, and I love her diplomacy.


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