An Eye 4 Change has an eye for staging


For years, friends and family watched GLBT Chamber member Gary Baugher transform the spaces of homes he’s owned; often calling on him to do the same for them. 

The recurring themes “you have an eye for this” and “you should be doing this as a business” fueled the desire Baugher had for years to own his own business. 

“I knew I wanted to utilize this talent but the route of interior design never appealed to me,” says Baugher. “Then I discovered the service of home staging was not widely known or offered in this market. After much research and planning, I finally took the leap and opened An Eye 4 Change.”

Home staging is about first impressions. It creates an atmosphere for any potential buyer to imagine themselves living in the seller’s space.

Research has proven that staged homes sell faster and for top dollar. Sellers and their agents benefit from shorter marketing periods, lower advertising costs and fewer price reductions. It is a cost effective investment that can produce significant results.

“Staging is a simple process,” says Baugher. “We begin by touring your home and evaluating it through the eyes of a critical buyer.” This evaluation produces recommendations for enhancements, which will show the home at its best."

Homeowners have the option of taking Baugher’s recommendations and completing the work themselves or having his team transform the space for them. An Eye 4 Change will utilize existing furnishings and accessories, some from their own inventory or local rental resources to complete the desired look.

Baugher says sellers are not the only ones to benefit from staging. Not everyone has ability to visualize their own home’s potential. An Eye 4 Change can help you make the most of your space for your lifestyle.

To learn more about all the services provided by An Eye 4 Change, visit them on the Web at or speak with Baugher at 615.228.7303.