An evening with ‘Obama heckler’ Jennicet Gutierrez

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You may not immediately recognize the name but Jennicet Gutierrez is someone you'll recall.

In June 2015 the Latina undocumented trans activist interrupted President Obama at a White House LGBT pride event that made national news. "I'm tired of the violence we're facing," she said, calling directly to the President from the crowd. "No one more deportation," she alone chanted as she was escorted away, the room filled with LGBT supporters who shushed and booed her.

A founding member of FAMILIA: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, Gutierrez's activist work centers on detained undocumented trans women and their communities. She is dedicating her life to advocating for the rights and justice of the transgender community.

A 2014 study found that, though transgender immigrants make up just one out of every 500 detainees, they account for one out of five confirmed sexual abuse cases in Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention. According to a story in Fusion last year, the Monday following that encounter with the President, immigration officials announced transgender detainees would for the first time be able to be housed in detention facilities that correspond with their gender identity

Vanderbilt University’s Office of LGBTQI life and the Center for Latin American Studies will present: “An Evening with Jennicet Gutiérrez” as part of the office’s programming in celebration of LGBTQI+ History Month, which includes the history of gay, queer, and trans rights plus related civil rights movements. The event, free to the public, is scheduled for Monday October 10 at 6pm. It will take place at Vanderbilt’s Student Life Center Ballroom located at 310 25th Avenue South.

For more information, check out the Office of LGBTQI Life website