An anti-LGBT Facebook rant, then a resignation, from the Madison chamber president

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The executive director of the Madison Rivergate Chamber of Commerce has submitted her resignation after posting last week on Facebook a rant that targeted the LGBT community specifically.

Debbie Massey was frustrated by the cancelation of the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing.

According to a press release from the chamber of commerce board, "The Chamber’s board will immediately begin the search for a new president.  Board members will also begin diversity training. Additionally, a new social media policy is scheduled to be reviewed by the Board of Directors at the next meeting."

The organization has also committed to the Tennessee Thrives initiative, a coalition of businesses that promote inclusiveness as a value, and to working with the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Though the television show itself and the Brietbart article that prompted Massey's rant did not reference LGBT people, her post explicitly targeted our community. "It is obvious they wish to only present their views and only wish to INDOCTRINATE people," she wrote, in part

A number of comments after our original article referenced reasons other than anti-conservative bias for the TV show's cancelation. Interestingly, a Vox article(link is external)presented five potential reasons for the cancelation, four of them ambiguous enough that the fifth reason was, essentially, that it may have had something to do with politics. 

According to The Tennessean, Massey resigned at the behest of the board of directors. And Nancy VanReece, the Metro Councilwoman whose District 8 includes Madison and who is also a member of our community, expressed hope for the future of the area.

"I'm glad to hear there was a resolve and welcome the ongoing renaissance of Madison's thriving, welcoming community," she said.