Alternative Prom Set for May 6


“Rainbow stars on the red carpet” will be the theme of Middle Tennessee’s only GLBT alternative prom, that will be held May 6.

The prom, in its fifth year, is open to all GLBT youth and their supportive friends (ages 14 to 20). It is sponsored by One-In-Teen (OIT) and like all OIT events, it is a drug and alcohol free event.

The theme capatilizes on an Academy Awards/Oscar Night including a red carpet walk replacing the traditional prom "senior walk/presentation." 

The Prom will be held at the Onyx Room in Nashville (624 Jefferson Street—across from the bicentennial mall).  Ticket prices are $7 in advance and $9 at the door.  Tickets can be purchased starting April 19th at the One-In-Teen meetings. 

“We are able to offer the community this wonderful event at this easily affordable price because of the generosity of our fabulous prom sponsors,” said DeWayne Fulton.

For more information contact One-In-Teen at 615-321-7288 or [email protected].