All members of our community matter


Many of your readers have probably wondered, “What happened to the guy that was in prison?” Well, I am still here! But judgment day is fast approaching.

Soon I will be standing before the Tennessee Department of Parole and Probation for a chance to re-enter society. This hearing will consist of topics such as the crime in which I was imprisoned, steps taken to better myself while in prison, home, job, and plans to be a productive citizen of Nashville. All of these things are important and a must to ensure that the members of this board make the best decision possible in regard to my being considered for release.

Now I know there are some readers saying, “why should I care? We have our own problems and lives to live to be worried about what’s going on in this guy’s life.”

I’ll tell you why! This world is made up of people who care and people who don’t. We’ve all passed up chances to make a difference in someone’s life because we felt it wasn’t our business or we just didn’t care, but what if the publishers of “O&AN” didn’t care? Then we would have no community. They step out on faith in themselves and others to make our community a beautiful place.

So you should care because someone else cared enough for you. Soon I too will be able to be as I am in a community that cares and live my life caring for others, sharing my experiences with other and loving others not because of who they were, but who they are.

God moves on the heat to drive the spirit to act on love. I have been truly blessed by people I’ve met through “O&AN” that have come and gone, but the one thing I’ve learned through it all is that everybody needs somebody that cares.

I welcome your prayers, but I need to know you care. If you have an encouraging word, share it with me. Something you may have to say may help me be an even better person along the way.

Thank you “O&AN” for giving us a voice.

Gregory Dalton