Alabama family to file lawsuit after Brentwood High ‘protest’

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by Brent Frazier

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – A mother and her three teenage children were escorted off campus at Brentwood High School after what some call a staged "protest."

School officials said the Bethel family showed up at the school for the purpose of enrolling. But because they were not residents of Williamson County, they weren’t admitted.

When administrators asked the family to leave, they refused. The Bethel family was first spotted on campus on Friday handing out religious literature and wore T-shirts that read, "God Hates Gays."

The mother, Glynis Bethel, brought her own camera and documented her war of words with school leaders. She later posted it on YouTube.

In the video, Mrs. Bethel defends her claim that her family is without a permanent home.

"We are homeless in this State," she said in the video.

There is a federal law that allows homeless to enroll in school, according to the schools’ attorney.

But Williamson County Schools insist that the Bethels are residents of Alabama.

Glynis Bethel and her husband, Orlando are now promising to sue Williamson County schools, as they’ve done to more 54 school systems nationwise. 

"Apparently school systems from Alabama to Ohio have received similar visits. Public records indicate that this couple has filed over 50 lawsuits in various jurisdictions," said Jason Golden with Williamson County Schools.

Brentwood parent Becky Anderson said she witnessed the incident, and was appalled by the Bethels’ behavior. However, she said she is proud of the way school leaders kept it all contained.

"My understanding is that a lawsuit was already filed against us before we even met with them for enrollment purposes. I have not yet seen that lawsuit, my understand is that it was filed in the Middle District for Tennessee," added Golden.

Officials said there was never any danger to students. Officials called police, and held students at the school in their third-period classes until it was resolved.

The family was escorted off campus, but there is no word whether or not they were charged.