Advisory group presents town hall meeting on HIV/AIDS treatment


Martin Delaney, founding director of San Francisco’s Project Inform, will give an update on HIV/AIDS treatment and research at a Nashville town hall meeting this month. Delaney recently predicted a major paradigm shift in HIV/AIDS treatment over the next five years and has said several key developments will impact clinical care before year-end.

The Tennessee Association of People With AIDS (TAPWA), the consumer advisory group to the Tennessee Department of Health’s HIV/AIDS/STD section, organized the event in collaboration with that section and the state’s education planner, the Southeast Tennessee Development District.

According to Mark Hubbard, TAPWA’s interim chair, the update was coordinated with a meeting attended by people working in HIV/AIDS care and prevention across the state, including those living with the disease.

“This is a win-win situation for everyone involved,” he stated. “Martin is able to summarize a lot of information in this format and will address questions from the audience. We’d love to see the entire community join the discussion.”

Delaney’s forecast is based on four major treatment factors: improved simplicity, reduced side effects, increased ability to overcome resistance, and better long-term effectiveness.

“It’s amazing to hear Martin give praise to researchers and even the drug industry for these breakthroughs,” Hubbard commented, adding “he’s been an independent and outspoken advocate for two and a half decades and has never hesitated say exactly what he thinks.”

The free event, made possible with financial assistance provided by Glaxo, Smith, Kline, Inc., will be held Wednesday, May 17, at 6:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Select Vanderbilt on Wes t End Avenue across from Centennial Park . Light refreshments will be served.