Adorable Anxious Dog Gets His Own Emotional Support Dog


Anxiety is a real problem these days. As “the most common mental illness in the U.S.”, according to the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), 40 million adults in the US struggle with this condition. But, apparently, this isn’t just a problem for humans. Sure, adults get anxious before a big presentation at work, children get anxious when going to daycare for the first time, but pets? What do they have to be nervous about?

Turns out, a lot!

Arnold the Weimaraner had a hard life when he was a little pup. At only two years old, he had a terrifying mauling encounter with a German Shepard. This scary experience caused him to (understandably) struggle with separation anxiety when away from his human.


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His mom Carolyn Manalis of Perth, Australia, said that he’d be scared to leave her side. He was skittish in every situation, and scared around other big dogs—he couldn’t even visit the dog park without shaking with fear!

That is, until Frank came along.


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Frank, an adorable friendly miniature dachshund had a new and important job: be Arnold’s emotional support dog. The two of them instantly became best friends.

According to Cynthia, Frank has helped Arnold regain his confidence. They’re able to play and wrestle with each other and other dogs without feeling like he’s going to get hurt or attacked. Even though Frank is nearly 66 pounds lighter than his brother, they can still have fun and support each other.

“The bond these two dogs have is just insanely beautiful. They are so connected and loving and supportive of one another. If one ever cries, the other one is there in half a second to check they are OK. Their love is unconditional, regardless of their size or breed,” Cynthia told Caters News.

We all need a little confidence boost sometimes—Just like Frank did for his new brother Arnold, having someone by our side to give us some extra courage can do wonders.

You can follow Frank and Arnold’s adorable adventure on their joint Instagram.


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