AAA South commits to including same-sex couples


Equality Florida, Georgia Equality and the Tennessee Equality Project celebrate a victory this month. Current and future members of AAA Auto Club South have reason to celebrate as well.

AAA South President and CEO Tom O’Brien committed last week to include married same-sex couples in it’s membership policy according to an interview with Equality Florida.

“We had not talked about this issue very much at all until [Equality Florida] reached out to us, and that has caused us to talk about it quite a bit,” O’Brien said in the interview.

“Our policy does include gay and lesbian spouses, wherever they were married. Whether in other states or countries, they qualify.

“We appreciate the professional manner in which representatives from Equality Florida met with members of our executive management team to gain a better understanding of each organization’s position and concerns. The result, from our perspective, was a very meaningful and productive conversation. Our door is always open”

The Equality Florida article also stated that the policy will achieve full implementation after a two-week training period for AAA South’s 3,000 employees. At that point, same-sex couples, like other AAA South applicants, would have only but to state that they are married to enroll as a family.