A special request from OutCentral


Dear Friend of OutCentral,

During this season of giving, we really need your help!

It is with some distress that we report the HVAC system at OutCentral is not working. We had a repairman look at it today, and it will cost $750 in parts and labor to fix.

If you’re looking to make a year-end charitable gift, we could use it now more than ever! Please click this link to make a donation online or contact us at del.ray@outcentral.org or joe@outcentral.org if you would like to give in person.

Our patrons really came through last year when we needed help fixing the front window. We know we can rely on you again!

We hope everyone is having a happy holiday season! Be sure check out our website, www.outcentral.org, for our upcoming calendar of events. We are planning great things for 2013!

Thank you in advance for your generosity!


Del Ray Zimmerman
OutCentral Board Chair 2012

Joe Morris
OutCentral Board Chair 2013