5 Tips For Increasing Social Media Influence


Whether you want to get a bigger following on your personal Instagram or you run social media pages for your company, here are five tips you can start implementing today to help grow your social media influence!


Sabrina Torres social media rule writing1. Focus on only one or two platforms. If you are trying to be everywhere all at once, you won’t have the time to do any one platform well! Pick the platform your target audience hangs out at the most, and concentrate your energy there.

2. Interact more than you post. The more time you spend talking to people on their own posts, the more likely they are to want to follow you and engage with you! Plus, the algorithm gods favor those who give back to the platform.

3. Plan your posts. Pick one day every week or month, and set up your calendar. Then the time you spend on a day to day basis can go towards that interaction we just talked about!

4. Ask your audience simple questions to get them talking. People can’t interact with you unless you give them a good reason to. Ask them a simple question about themselves, and give them the opportunity to talk to you! Let’s face it, we all like to talk about ourselves.

5. Show faces. People naturally prefer to see other people! Whether you do a quick live video, a selfie, or an office group shot, show some faces today on social media and let your audience connect!


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