3 gay things you may have missed this week

3 gay things missed 071214.jpg

It's been a busy week for the gays in America. Certainly you've read all about ENDA and the support its lost (and retained). And the onslaught of gay marriage stories seems never-ending at this point. There are a few stories, though, that may have fallen under the radar.

1. Burger King introdued a limited edition Proud Whopper. In support of Pride in San Francisco, Burger King — the fast food chain with just a 55/100 score in the HRC Corporate Equality Index — created a special wrapper for its flagship burger. Watch the video where folks discover it's the same ol' burger (in a good way). Also: one of the limited edition wrappers is selling on eBay for $1025.

2. The Mississippi Baby actually does have HIV. Remember that little baby we were told who was born with HIV but was completely cured of it? It turns out she still has the virus. What was unique about this case is that, unlike with pregnant mothers who are treated while the child is in utero, the "Mississippi Baby" was born without doctors knowing she carried the virus and was immediately treated with the drug cocktail normally used on adults. Thereafter, she was tested again and deemed "cured" by authorities. This week's heartbreaking news, then, comes with a small silver lining: Dr. Anthony Fauci of NIAID believes the aggressive treatment "may have considerably limited [the development of HIV] and averted the need for antiretroviral medication over a considerable period."

3. Do you know this kid?

vine kid fag story edit.jpg

If you're on Vine, you might. He has something like 8 million followers and this week he stuck his foot in his mouth and has spent the time since trying to pull it out. The 16-year-old, named Nash Grier, posted this video/Vine wherein a number of actors say "Testing for HIV. It's not a gay thing," followed by him shouting into the camera, "Yes. It. Is. FAG!" It's the sort of thing an ignorant teenager would probably find funny. Yet we live in a world where an ignorant teenager has to make this mistake in front of 8 million people. And this, of course, is exactly what a teenager would do if he wanted to make amends with the world at large.