2006 May


Well, this month I took my voice, ‘out of the country’ if you can believe it. I’m talking about Canada, of course. NOOO, that doesn’t mean that I eloped or anything, hell…if I am going to finally get married it should be a BIG event, right?

I will say this about Canada, or maybe I should only speak for the part I went to which was, Niagara Falls. It was beautiful and clean…two of my favorite things. However, (yes, you KNEW there was going to be a however didn’t you?) if you plan to stay there AND eat too, you probably should just go ahead and take out a second mortgage on your house now.  THEY say American money is worth more than Canadian money, but I’m fairly certain I have NEVER spent $100.00 for lunch here. (They have given a whole new meaning to McDonald’s “ONE HUNDRED” dollar menu!) In fact, that could VERY well be why some folks have been known to go over those falls in the first place.

The Embassy Suites we stayed in was excellent and had a fantastic view. If you are going to stay around the area, you really should get a room with a view of the falls. It was incredible! Now, I am not trying to give the impression that Niagara is the gay capitol of Canada, but EVERY evening a rainbow forms in the falls. It is very beautiful. Just think of what a great wedding/commitment photo that would make, eh? (See. I have picked up some of the native tongue, already.) And, now I guess I really have found what that ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow is really all about.

There is plenty to do in this area, but nothing compares to the falls. They do have a casino and plenty of shopping. There are boat rides and helicopters to get you up close and personal with the falls. Just remember to save your receipts so you can get the money you spend on taxes back before you leave — food and alcohol do NOT count. Considering that is where I spent most of my money, ahem. By the way, I am late for my loan application appointment.

Till next month, take care.