2006 March


I caught Lily Tomlin at TPAC this month. I found her to be very intelligent, funny and refreshing, even though, she brought out the same old characters, without doing any costume changes.

Her one-woman show moved along at an interesting pace, keeping our attention. My favorite line was when she said in her best, Edith Ann voice, “I get irritated when grown ups ask me what I want to be when I grow up, as if what I am now is not enough!” Her conversation between Ernestine and Bill Frist was very entertaining too. There was quite a crowd on hand. I saw a more than a few familiar faces. I wish I had taken advantage of the Franklin Brooks ticket purchase, because I am sure she would have been very interesting to talk to backstage.

While on this subject…isn’t valet parking the best of both worlds? While on the one hand, you can simply leave your keys and waltz right in the front door, for a mere price of a three course dinner at FRIDAYS! The downside is you could have driven down to the coast of Florida and back in the time it takes them to bring your car back after the show.

We did brunch at Red on Sunday; it was very nice! The back patio is going to be a great asset, once it gets warm enough to dine out there. We held Oscar Interviews with local Nashvillians to ask which movie they thought would take home the Oscar this year. Some very interesting answers came out. Those interviews will be shown at Tribe during the commercials, at the Oscar showing on March 5. So, come on out and see who Nashville thinks will take home the Oscar.

see you then….