2006 June


I checked out something new (well, to me anyway) this month. WOMEN BOXING! 

I personally have never understood this sport, but then again, to each their own, right? The sparring was done at the Boxing Resource Center off Harding road. There were three bouts of two-minute rounds. (Let me just say, SOME of those two minutes seemed like HOURS!)

Christy Halbert, Ph.D., director and head coach, with the help of Angel Bovee, assistant director, ran the event. Big Al appeared to have her opponent, Tree, against the ropes on numerous occasions, but Tree always managed to slip away just in the nick of time before Al could put the closing one, two on her. (Maybe her name SHOULD have been butter?)

Checked out the Tracy Rice CD release show at the new Church Street Café too. The show was excellent! Bluehouse (a duet from Australia) opened for her. They were very good, in fact one of them could hold a note longer than it took write a love note and send it snail mail!

The place was fairly packed and it was quite nice inside. I do hope that it doesn’t turn into just another bar on Church Street though. The point being is we need some places where it is NOT always centered on drinking, right? (WHO said that?) This was a sneak peak into what the Café is going to be like when it “officially” opens (which should be the case by the time you are reading this).

I, being the investigator that I am, went next door to Outloud to do a sound check. Meaning…I wanted to hear how much of the music was audible from inside the store. Manager Joe Brant informed me that they have plans to keep the doors open on some occasions. Hmm…live music to browse by?

See you at Nashville Pride!

Till next time…