2006 April


Well, the HRC Dinner was quite a smashing success again this year.

Although…as we ALL know I am NOT one to complain, BUT…it was a little difficult to cover all the events taking place from our little CORNER of the room! I almost needed a pair of roller skates AND binoculars to capture all the news.

But, you can rest assured I didn’t let a little thing like that stop me! While I am thinking about it, my husband AJ was seated right up front, without the slightest bit of guilt (or inquiry) of WHERE I might be seated! Can you spell d-i-v-o-r-c-e Tammy? (Sing it with me now!)

The dinner was excellent, although I was not really sure if those were mashed potatoes or something very similar. However, they were still very tasty no matter what they were. After referring to my menu, I have discovered that it was corn polenta. (Where do they find these dishes?) And, while I am on the subject, what is broccolini? I knew it looked suspiciously a lot like a mixture between broccoli and asparagus. It was delicious though, very interesting…

I liked the way they had the silent auction set upstairs this year, with quite an array of items to bid on. The addition of music being played while browsing was another nice touch.

Nashville In Harmony performed right before dinner began and they were outstanding as usual.
The entertainment was fabulous! Nashville’s own Jen Foster was joined by Stephanie Callahan (of Halcyon fame). They did an acoustic set that was very good. Lee Ann Womack sounded amazing and of course she sang "I Hope You Dance," although I didn’t really see any body take her up on that one. (Of course, it could have been when I was back in my little corner of the room, remember?) HELLOOO…? Robert Gant gave an interesting talk, saying the time for feeling like second class citizens is over! (Or something along those lines anyway.)

The one thing I can say about the entire evening is this, there were quite a few "shiny, happy people" in attendance for a great cause! Don’t forget there is ALWAYS time to donate to this cause, so DIG DEEP!