2005 September


Wow! What an improvement for Outloud! They moved into their new space last month and it is SPACIOUS! WHOO-HOO!

The coffeehouse is not done yet, so don’t go racing over there and then blame me for not getting your CAFFIENE BOOST! But, it is going to be a tremendous asset to our community when it is complete.

Well, Brent and I had our first date this past month and he was a perfect gentleman. We checked out the CCC fundraiser Vintner’s A Night of Wine and Roses. It appeared to be quite a sellout. I THOUGHT I might be seeing a few people waltzing around with a rose between their teeth, but it was quite casual elegance. It may have had something to do with the "wine masters," who would only allow us to have a TASTE/SWISH of wine at each stop. Not, the JUG of wine I am used to slinging over my shoulder at the lake! And, yes, right BEFORE my rose petal flossing.

Stacey Bishop, who performed at Religious Science on Sunday, did a number from her show (which was held at The Chute, August 14) entitled "I Want it All." The song is about wanting to have it all while doing nothing to get it. She was fabulous, as always! While promoting her show, she invited everyone from church to come, proclaiming, "Gay bars are not just for gays anymore!" I thought this might make a good slogan for next year’s Pride events. Ok, gang…till next month…